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Comedian - Alison Spittle - Comedy in Your Eye

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Irish Comedian Alison Spittle Comedy Headshot

The Award-Winning Force of Comedy - Alison Spittle

Alison Spittle found her calling in the world of comedy, and she kicked off her hilarious career by supporting the talented PJ Gallagher. That opened up some incredible opportunities for her, including participating in So You Think You're Funny's Irish heats and even qualifying for the rounds in the comedy capital of Edinburgh.

From there, Alison's comedic talent took center stage with her side-splitting shows like Alison Spittle Needs an Agent, Alison Spittle Discovers Hawaii (2015), and Worrier Princess (2017). She's brought laughter to renowned festivals like the Edinburgh and Dublin fringe festivals, as well as The Forbidden Fruit and Cork Comedy festivals. You can bet she knows how to rock the stage!

Not only does Alison have a knack for performing, but she's also a creative force behind the scenes. She's written and starred in web comedy shorts for RTÉ Two and collaborated on hilarious sketches for Republic of Telly with the talented Kevin McGahern. She's a true comedic powerhouse, both on and off the screen!

If you're a fan of radio shows, you might have caught Alison's witty charm on The Right Hook with George Hook on Newstalk. She was a regular contributor, adding her unique perspective and humor to the mix. And here's an exciting tidbit: Alison is a beloved co-host on The Guilty Feminist podcast with the incredible Deborah Francis-White. They know how to keep us laughing and engaged!

Now, get ready for a star-studded moment—Alison made her big-screen appearance in the 2019 comedy film Extra Ordinary. She brought her comedic prowess to the silver screen and had audiences rolling in the aisles.

And let's not forget her podcast adventures! In 2020, Alison teamed up with fellow comedian Fern Brady to create the hilarious BBC podcast called Wheel of Misfortune. It was a riot! Although Fern left the show in early 2021, Alison kept the laughter going, hosting the podcast with fabulous guests until the fantastic Kerry Katona joined as the permanent co-host in November 2022. They make quite the dynamic duo!

In 2017, Alison showcased her writing skills by co-creating the delightful six-part sitcom Nowhere Fast with her boyfriend Simon Mulholland. The series, directed by the talented Simon Gibney, follows Angela (played by Alison) as she moves back to Ballybeag in the midlands after losing her job on a Dublin radio show due to a high-profile libel case. It received heaps of praise from critics and viewers alike. It's no wonder—it's comedy gold!

Alison's journey is a testament to her incredible talent and infectious humor. Keep an eye out for this comedic superstar, because she's sure to brighten your day with her hilarious antics!

Comedian Alison Spittle performing at Comedy in Your Eye Show London

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