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Comedian - James Barr - Comedy in Your Eye

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Comedian James Barr Comedy Show

James Barr - Comedian, DJ and Piers Morgan's biggest enemy

The multi-talented James Barr wears many hats as an MTV presenter, radio DJ, and stand-up comedian. On top of all that, he's also the creator of a chart-topping and award-winning podcast! With his wealth of presenting experience and a great sense of humor, James brings a delightful blend of entertainment to the table.

James Barr is widely known for his popular podcast, "A Gay and a Non-Gay," which he co-hosts with Dan Hudson. As an openly gay man and advocate for the LGBT+ community and mental health, James brings an important perspective to the podcast, along with his comedy and wit. The show has gained recognition as the UK's leading LGBTQ+ comedy podcast and has garnered over two million listens to date. It covers a wide range of topics, from day-to-day life and differences in perceptions to homophobia, coming out, mental health, and even lighter topics like dating.

In addition to his podcast success, James has made a name for himself as a radio DJ and presenter. He co-hosts The Breakfast Show on Hits Radio alongside Fleur East and Matt Haslam. His on-air chemistry and entertaining banter make for an enjoyable listening experience, catering to audiences aged 25-44.

James has also showcased his talents on television. He has presented on MTV and has made appearances on shows like Eurovision: You Decide and BBC Three's docu-series, I'm Coming Out. Additionally, he has written columns for Attitude magazine, covering various topics and advocating for important causes.

You might have even caught him battling Piers Morgan on GB news across a whole number of topics. Keep fighting the good fight James!

When it comes to live performances, James has taken his comedy on tour with his show "Thirst Trap." This hilarious production explores his disastrous dating life and his relationship with social media, offering an interactive experience for the audience. The show has received critical acclaim, and James even took it to the renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival. His follow up show Straight Jokes received several five star reviews, with the Metro describing it as a "Masterclass in queer storytelling"

Comedian James Bar performing at Comedy in Your Eye Show In London

With his vibrant personality, quick wit, and commitment to important issues, James Barr is a true force to be reckoned with. He continues to make a significant impact in the entertainment industry, entertaining audiences with his comedy, hosting skills, and insightful discussions on his podcast. Keep an ear out for his radio shows, catch him live if you can, and don't miss out on the laughter he brings to every platform he graces.

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