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Are you taking a show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023? Read this!

If you are performing at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival and looking for stage time, then why not do a preview at Comedy in Your Eye?

Every Wednesday in July, we will be showcasing a different Fringe preview as part of a month of special shows supporting those brave individuals who are heading up to Scotland for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023!

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023 Preview London Logo

We will continue to offer a mixed bill of the most exciting comics on the London circuit in the first half but the second half will consist of one longer 30 minute preview set from an Edinburgh hopeful!

If you have a show coming up and would like to apply for one of our four preview spots then please fill in the form below:

If you would like to apply for a normal mixed bill spot, then go to the Apply Page on our website.

If you would like to buy tickets for one of these limited edition shows, then you can buy tickets by going to our homepage.

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