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What's on in Camden in January 2024: Top events to check out in Camden Town this January

Check out our guide on What's on in Camden Town in January 2024!

Camden Town in January Snowing

As the winter chill settles over London, Camden Town continues to exude its unique charm, offering a myriad of experiences that make January a delightful time to explore this eclectic neighbourhood. From embracing the cosy atmosphere of its markets to indulging in winter warmers at local eateries, Camden Town has something for everyone during the crisp days of January. In this guide, we'll navigate the winter wonders of Camden, uncovering the activities that make this vibrant corner of London a must-visit destination as the new year begins.

Live Stand Up Comedy in Camden Town in January

Start the year off with laughter at a Live Comedy show at Comedy in Your Eye!

Experience top-notch comedy in the heart of London at The Camden Eye, every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Conveniently located opposite Camden Town tube station, our venue promises an evening filled with laughter and entertainment.

Immerse yourself in the excitement of clever and quick-witted humour, featuring a diverse lineup of outstanding comedians in each show. With dynamic performances and short sets, we guarantee non-stop amusement that will keep you laughing from start to finish.

Our shows have a remarkable track record, featuring comedians with specials on popular platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Many of our performers have graced the stages of acclaimed shows such as Live at the Apollo, Conan, QI, Mock the Week, 8 Out of 10 Cats, Taskmaster, Britain's Got Talent, The Lateish Show with Mo Gilligan, Russell Howard's Good News, Would I Lie to You, ITV's The Stand Up Sketch Show, and more!

New Year's Day in Camden Town

Festive Events and Celebrations

Keep an eye out for any festive events or celebrations taking place in Camden during January. From New Year's festivities to cultural events and community gatherings, the neighbourhood often hosts a variety of happenings to kick off the year. Check local event listings, community boards, and social media channels to stay informed about the exciting events that may add an extra layer of joy to your visit.

Amy Winehouse tribute Camden Town

Live Music to Warm the Soul

The live music scene in Camden Town remains vibrant throughout the winter months. Seek refuge from the cold in iconic venues like The Roundhouse or the Jazz Cafe, where you can enjoy performances ranging from soulful tunes to energetic indie bands. The intimate setting of these venues creates a unique atmosphere, allowing you to immerse yourself in the warmth of live music while escaping the winter chill outside.

From the initial strains of "Stronger Than Me" to the lingering notes of "Mr. Magic," the 2003 album received acclaim from both critics and devoted fans, leaving an enduring impact that resonated globally. Two decades hence, Amy Winehouse has solidified her standing as one of the preeminent musicians of this era.

In a fitting tribute, the enchantment of the album will be revisited with the finest musicians from London, right in her cherished hometown of Camden. This performance takes place on the very stage that Amy once graced with her unforgettable shows.

Also check out what else is happening at the Jazz Cafe as well as other popular music venues such as The Roundhouse, Koko, The Underworld, Electric Ballroom and The Camden Assembly.

Snowy Camden Market in Camden Town in January

Take a secret food tour in Camden Market!

Despite the cool temperatures, Camden Market remains a bustling hub of activity in January. The market's covered areas provide shelter from the occasional drizzle, allowing visitors to explore its myriad stalls and shops without worrying about the weather. Revel in the cosy ambiance as you meander through the narrow alleys, discovering unique winter fashion, handmade crafts, and quirky treasures. Many of the market's vendors also embrace the season, offering warm beverages and hearty snacks to keep you energized as you navigate the winter wonders of Camden Market.

But to make the most of it, why not check out one of the Secret Food Tours? Led by a local food enthusiast from the Secret Food Tours team, you'll have the opportunity to explore eight food stalls at Camden Market. Throughout the journey, discover the vibrant history and culture of the area. Each stall offers a delectable sampling of their menu, ranging from traditional British dishes to street food specialties. And, of course, there's the intriguing secret dish that will be unveiled on the day.

Secret Food Tours conducts distinctive experiences in 58 cities across four continents, accumulating over 27,000 5-star reviews. By the end of the tour, not only will you be satisfied with delicious food, but you'll also be enriched with newfound knowledge.

Food in Camden Town

Seasonal Delights at Camden's Eateries

Camden's diverse culinary scene takes on a winter twist in January. Many eateries and cafes introduce seasonal menus featuring comforting dishes like hearty stews, soups, and festive beverages. Embrace the warmth and aromas emanating from the food stalls at the market, where you can savour delicious winter warmers. From traditional British fare to international flavours, Camden's restaurants cater to every taste, providing a perfect excuse to escape the chill and indulge in a cosy dining experience. Here are some of our top tips!

The Cheese Bar

The Cheese Bar presents a brick-and-mortar extension of the renowned Cheese Truck, nestled in a bar-like space beneath a burlesque club in Camden. Indulge in oozy cheese sandwiches and inventive takes on raclette, with the flavor-packed blue-cheese sundae as a must-try dessert. Don't forget to reserve a spot for the wintertime fondue extravaganzas held every Thursday evening.

Andy's Taverna

Nestled in a corner of London affectionately dubbed "Little Greece" in Camden, Andy's Taverna is a delightful and laid-back dining haven that exudes the lively spirit of the Greek islands. The restaurant, adorned with a white façade and classic blue awnings, invites you into a space where a subtle blue and white theme carries the essence of whitewashed Greek homes and the azure Aegean sea. With a longstanding reputation, Andy's Taverna is renowned for its welcoming staff, budget-friendly prices, and hearty portions.

Ma Petite Jamaica

Since 1985, Ma Petite Jamaica has been a staple as Camden's original 'jerk pit and reggae bar,' offering a tropical vibe and Jamaican soul food. Indulge in jerk wings, curried goat, oxtail stew, fried plantain, and more. While the rum cocktails may not float everyone's boat, the presence of Red Stripe on tap adds to the bright, cheery, and fun atmosphere.


Purezza, meaning 'purity,' brings the UK's first vegan pizzeria to London. The setting is modern and lively, offering plant-based toppings like wood-smoked tofu, shaved seitan, rice-based mozzarella, and beetroot carpaccio. For a touch of old-fashioned gluttony, treat yourself to the wicked Oreo pizza for dessert.

York & Albany

York & Albany, a Gordon Ramsay establishment, exudes a Regent’s Park ambiance in the heart of Camden. This multi-faceted venue, combining a boutique hotel, restaurant, and gastropub with GR’s Street Pizza in the stables, caters to well-heeled locals with ample leisure time.


The individuals behind London's Haché Burger restaurant understand that only the finest beef nestled between exquisite bread will suffice. However, don't be misled into thinking that Haché is synonymous with fast food—it truly isn't. What you'll discover here is the epitome of gourmet burgers, a sentiment echoed enthusiastically by both critics and the general public. In the vibrant district of Camden, a sophisticated restaurant awaits, adorned with dimly lit chandeliers and offering courteous, laid-back, and efficient table service.


Mildred's is a vegetarian and vegan gem, known for its diverse menu and vibrant atmosphere. From hearty burgers to flavorful curries, Mildred's offers creative and satisfying plant-based options. The trendy setting makes it an ideal spot for a casual meal with friends or family.

The Hawley Arms

No visit to Camden Town is complete without experiencing its iconic pub culture. The Hawley Arms, a historic pub with a rock 'n' roll vibe, serves up classic pub grub in a lively atmosphere. Enjoy a hearty meal, sip on a local brew, and soak in the rich musical history that surrounds this iconic watering hole.

Street Art in Camden Town

Artistic Winter Wonderland

Camden's streets, already adorned with vibrant street art, take on a new dimension in January. Some artists use the season as inspiration for their creations, adding winter-themed murals and installations to the visual tapestry of the neighbourhood. Embark on a self-guided street art tour to discover these seasonal delights, capturing the essence of winter through the eyes of Camden's talented artists.

Regents Canal in Camden Town in January

Winter Wellness at Regent's Canal

January is an ideal time to enjoy a peaceful stroll along Regent's Canal. The serene waterway, flanked by charming houseboats and winter-bare trees, provides a picturesque setting for a contemplative walk. Bundle up in your favourite winter gear, breathe in the crisp air, and let the tranquillity of the canal soothe your senses. Consider bringing a warm beverage in a thermos to enhance the experience as you embrace the natural beauty of Camden in winter.

Camden Lock in January in Camden Town

Camden Town, in all its winter glory, beckons visitors to explore its January delights. Whether you're sipping on a hot drink in the market, immersing yourself in the live music scene, laughing your socks off at a Comedy Show or discovering seasonal street art, Camden offers a unique and cosy experience during the winter months. Embrace the chill, indulge in the warmth of the neighbourhood's offerings, and make January in Camden a memorable start to your year.


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