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Meet the Team: Maddie Coombe

Updated: Jan 17

Up next is Maddie Coombe one of the best new comedians in London!

Maddie is the newest member of the Comedy In Your Eye Team. They thought they were hiring another man but it was actually just her moustache - disaster! Anyway, they’re stuck with her now .

Maddie Coombe Best New Comedian in London

Maddie’s comedy tackles topics no one has ever ever ever braved before - therapy, porn and sex - she is SO refreshing!

But seriously, expect to hear about the time she ran over her own dog. The time she accidentally gave her replacement dog shrooms. And the time she was told she wasn’t allowed dogs anymore.

She is the second generation of Coombe to perform at Comedy in Your Eye after her father graced the club's floors to introduce her daughter onto the hallowed stage!

Favourite Joke : What vegetable is cool, but not that cool? Radish.

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