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Comedian Lou Sanders and Brendyn Hatfield are eliminated from Dancing on Ice in Skate-Off - Comedy in Your Eye

Lou Sanders and Brendyn Hatfield were sent packing from Dancing on Ice in Week Six after they were eliminated by the judges after an intense skate-off

Lou Sanders has bid farewell to the the Dancing on Ice rink after being eliminated in the dreaded skate off alongside her partner, Brendyn Hatfield! Yep, sadly it did happen but she's had a blast, saying it's been the 'time of my life.'

As for Lou, despite her and partner Brendyn hitting their highest score of the series with 26.5 points, it wasn't quite enough to keep them in the game. They found themselves in the skate-off against Ricky Norwood and Annette Dytrt, who scored 28 points.

Dancing on Ice Comedian Lou Sanders performing at Comedy in Your Eye Show in London

Their skate to the tune of "Six" during the show's musicals week was a hit, but alas, it was time to bid adieu.

But fear not, Sanders isn't throwing in the towel just yet! She quipped, 'It's all about never giving up so we'll be back next week.' And of course, she couldn't resist poking fun at her partner, adding, 'He [Brendyn] said his insurance has gone up since working with me.'

Want to see how the duo Lou Sanders and Brendeyn Hatfield got on during their stay and see all their routines? Well here is our summary:

Week 2: Hung up by Madonna

Lou Sanders found herself in a tense situation opposite Ricky Hatton as she ended up in the bottom two on her first outing, prompting speculation among fans. Despite concerns, the judges ultimately decided to bid farewell to Ricky, granting Lou and her skating partner Brendyn Hatfield a lifeline. However, some observant viewers couldn't help with about Lou appearing upset or unfairly treated in the skate-off. Nevertheless, there was acknowledgment of her determination and edge, with viewers expressing support for her resilience.

When the verdict was rendered, judges Ashley Banjo and Oti Mabuse praised both contestants' improvement but ultimately saved Lou and Brendyn, citing their strong performance and content.

Week 3: Hold on by Wilson Phillips - Movies Week

Viewers were yet again peeved about what they saw as some questionable scoring, especially when it came to Claire Sweeney and Lou Sanders. Some thought Claire was getting a bit too much love from the judges, while others felt Lou deserved better recognition for her efforts.

Claire strutted her stuff to the tune of Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians and managed to bag herself a 24.0. Meanwhile, Lou grooved to Hold On from Bridesmaids but landed a 22.0.

Now, let's dive into the fan reactions! One viewer couldn't help but wonder why Claire seemed to be getting all the praise for what looked like a basic skate-around. Another was downright baffled by those 6.0 scores when Claire's feet barely grazed the ice!

Lou's supporters weren't holding back either. They felt she got the short end of the stick yet again, with one fan even likening Claire's performance to moving furniture on a frosty day!

But hey, there were still plenty of cheers for Lou and Brendyn's efforts. Some even thought they outshone Claire and her partner. Yet, the consensus remained - something's not quite right with those scores!

Week 4: What a Wonderful World by Eva Cassidy - Dance Week

Lou Sanders caused a bit moreof a stir by calling out the backstage atmosphere at ITV1's Dancing On Ice as "toxic."

During her chat with Holly Willoughby and Stephen Mulhern, Lou dropped this bombshell. While some of her fans might have brushed it off as part of her quirky humour, others on X (formerly known as Twitter) seemed to take it seriously. And it wasn't just the backstage drama that had tongues wagging - folks were also grumbling about Lou consistently getting lower scores from the judges.

Luke, for example, also known as @fansfavourites, who wasn't mincing words: "Lou saying the backstage atmosphere is toxic? They can laugh it off all they want, but we all know the truth! This evil show will be exposed."

In the end, Lou managed to survive for another week thanks to the judges' save. But the controversy didn't stop there.

Week 5: Six from Six - Musicals Week

In a bit of a twist, both Lou Sanders and Emmerdale star Roxy Shahidi waved goodbye to the ITV skating show in a double elimination. Shahidi and her partner Sylvain Longchambon were swiftly sent packing after scoring the lowest from judges – 24.5 points – marking the first time a couple faced elimination this way.

Comedian Lou Sanders performing at Comedy in Your Eye Show in London

Dancing on Ice will not be the same without Lou Sanders and Brendyn Hatfield but we wish them all the best and hope they return to the rink together in the future!

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