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Comedian - Simon Hennessy - Comedy in Your Eye

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Comedian Simon Hennessy Comedy Show Poster

Simon Hennessy - the Irish master of sketch comedy and afters

Simon Hennessy is a London based stand up comedian and content creator, who took to social media when the pandemic started, where he amassed a huge following online.

His sketches posted which he regular posts online, featuring satire and impressions characters have seen him build a large group of fans over the last year in Ireland and abroad.

He hopes to one day win "Ireland's Best Mullet", should such an award exist.

Simon wrote his debut show AFTERS which is a one-man concept comedy show of a mad and manic after-session, a series of increasingly depraved and farcical sketches and songs channelling the weird and wonderful scenarios that can only occur at 5am in a randomer’s kitchen.

The show that straddles the line between sketch comedy, stand-up, musical theatre, and absurdist parody.

A sequence of vignettes and musical numbers detail the kind of events that may occur – a game of “Never Have I Ever”, the horror of realising you know no-one at the party, trying to look hot when you comprehensively do not – and the many ways these events can quickly go off the rails.

Comedian Simon Hennessy performing at Comedy in Your Eye Show London

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