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The Best Places to Watch Euro 2024 in Camden Town - Euro's Football in Camden

Best Places to Watch the football during Euro 2024 in Camden Town, London

The 7 Best Places to Watch the football during Euro 2024 in Camden Town

Camden Town, with its eclectic vibe, bustling markets, and lively nightlife, is a fantastic place to catch the excitement of Euro 2024. The area is brimming with pubs, bars, and unique venues, each offering its own take on the football-watching experience. Here are some of the best spots in Camden Town to enjoy the matches.

1. The Camden Eye

At the top of the list is The Camden Eye, a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Situated right next to Camden Town tube station, this pub is incredibly convenient. The Camden Eye offers a vibrant atmosphere with large screens ensuring you catch every goal. The friendly staff and diverse drink selection make it a perfect place to watch the games. Given its popularity, especially during England games, it is highly recommended to book a table in advance to secure a good spot.

Camden Assembly Best Places to Watch Euro 2024 in Camden Town, London

2. The Camden Assembly

Located in the heart of Camden, The Camden Assembly is another prime spot for football fans. This popular pub features multiple big screens, ensuring you won’t miss any of the action. The energetic crowd and diverse beer selection make it an ideal venue to enjoy the games. Be sure to secure your seat early, especially for high-stakes matches.

Belushi's Best Places to Watch Euro 2024 in Camden Town, London

3. Belushi's Camden

Belushi's is a well-known chain for sports viewing, and the Camden branch lives up to the reputation. With large HD screens, a lively atmosphere, and a menu full of comfort food, Belushi's offers a quintessential sports bar experience. Their drink deals and matchday specials make it a popular choice for those looking to enjoy Euro 2024 on a budget.

The World's End, Best Places to Watch Euro 2024 in Camden Town, London

4 The World's End

A Camden institution, The World’s End is one of the largest pubs in the area, providing ample space for groups to gather and watch the games. Its central location and historic charm make it a must-visit. The pub's vast selection of beers and ciders ensures there’s something for everyone.

The Colonel Fawcett, Best Places to Watch Euro 2024 in Camden Town, London

5. The Colonel Fawcett

For those seeking a slightly quieter yet equally enjoyable viewing experience, The Colonel Fawcett offers a relaxed setting with multiple screens. Known for its excellent gin selection and delicious food menu, this pub is perfect for those who want to enjoy the match in a more laid-back environment.

Camden Market Best Places to Watch Euro 2024 in Camden Town, London

6. Camden Market

For a unique experience, head to Camden Market, where you can find pop-up bars and outdoor screens showing the matches. The market's lively atmosphere, coupled with street food vendors and craft beer stalls, creates a festive environment perfect for football fans.

Electric Ballroom Best Places to Watch Euro 2024 in Camden Town, London

7. Electric Ballroom

For a more unconventional viewing experience, check out the Electric Ballroom. This iconic music venue often transforms into a massive sports bar for major events. With a giant screen and a booming sound system, it’s one of the most immersive places to watch the matches in Camden.

England Best Places to Watch Euro 2024 in Camden Town, London

Tips for Enjoying Euro 2024 in Camden Town

  • Arrive Early: Popular venues can get crowded quickly, so arrive early to secure a good spot.

  • Check Reservations: Some places may allow you to book tables in advance, especially for key matches.

  • Stay Hydrated: With the summer heat and the excitement of the matches, remember to drink water alongside your pints.

  • Enjoy the Local Flavours: Camden is known for its diverse food scene, so take the opportunity to try different snacks and meals from various vendors and pubs.

Camden Town’s lively spirit and diverse venues make it an ideal place to catch all the Euro 2024 action. Whether you’re looking for a rowdy crowd or a more relaxed setting, Camden has something for every football fan. So, grab your friends, wear your team’s colours, and get ready to celebrate Euro 2024 in style, thanks to our list of the best places to watch Euro 2024 in Camden Town.

England's Euro 2024 Group Stage Fixtures

Jude Bellingham England Best Places to Watch Euro 2024 in Camden Town, London

To help you plan your viewing parties, here are the fixtures for England's group stage matches:

  • Sunday 16th June: Serbia vs. England, 20:00

  • Thursday 20th June: Denmark vs. England, 17:00

  • Tuesday 25th June: England vs. Slovenia, 20:00

Make sure to check the full schedule below as the tournament progresses and enjoy the football frenzy in Camden Town!

Dusseldorf Best Places to Watch Euro 2024 in Camden Town, London

Euro 2024 Fixtures

Group Stage

Saturday, 15th June

  • Hungary vs. Switzerland, 14:00

  • Spain vs. Croatia, 17:00

  • Italy vs. Albania, 20:00

Sunday, 16th June

  • Poland vs. Netherlands, 14:00

  • Slovenia vs. Denmark, 17:00

  • Serbia vs. England, 20:00

Monday, 17th June

  • Romania vs. Ukraine, 14:00

  • Belgium vs. Slovakia, 17:00

  • Austria vs. France, 20:00

Tuesday, 18th June

  • Turkey vs. Georgia, 17:00

  • Portugal vs. Czech Republic, 20:00

Wednesday, 19th June

  • Croatia vs. Albania, 14:00

  • Germany vs. Hungary, 17:00

  • Scotland vs. Switzerland, 20:00

Thursday, 20th June

  • Slovenia vs. Serbia, 14:00

  • Denmark vs. England, 17:00

  • Spain vs. Italy, 20:00

Friday, 21st June

  • Slovakia vs. Ukraine, 14:00

  • Poland vs. Austria, 17:00

  • Netherlands vs. France, 20:00

Saturday, 22nd June

  • Georgia vs. Czech Republic, 14:00

  • Turkey vs. Portugal, 17:00

  • Belgium vs. Romania, 20:00

Sunday, 23rd June

  • Scotland vs. Hungary, 20:00

  • Switzerland vs. Germany, 20:00

Monday, 24th June

  • Albania vs. Spain, 20:00

  • Croatia vs. Italy, 20:00

Tuesday, 25th June

  • France vs. Poland, 17:00

  • Netherlands vs. Austria, 17:00

  • Denmark vs. Serbia, 20:00

  • England vs. Slovenia, 20:00

Wednesday, 26th June

  • Slovakia vs. Romania, 17:00

  • Ukraine vs. Belgium, 17:00

  • Czech Republic vs. Turkey, 20:00

  • Georgia vs. Portugal, 20:00

Knockout Stage

Saturday, 29th June

  • Group A Second Place vs. Group B Second Place, 17:00

  • Group A Winner vs. Group C Second Place, 20:00

Sunday, 30th June

  • Group C Winner vs. Third Place Group D/E/F, 17:00

  • Group B Winner vs. Third Place Group A/D/E/F, 20:00

Monday, 1st July

  • Group D Second Place vs. Group E Second Place, 17:00

  • Group F Winner vs. Third Place Group A/B/C, 20:00

Tuesday, 2nd July

  • Group E Winner vs. Third Place Group A/B/C/D, 17:00

  • Group D Winner vs. Group F Second Place, 20:00


Friday, 5th July

  • Quarter-Finalist 1 vs. Quarter-Finalist 2, 17:00

  • Quarter-Finalist 3 vs. Quarter-Finalist 4, 20:00

Saturday, 6th July

  • Quarter-Finalist 7 vs. Quarter-Finalist 8, 17:00

  • Quarter-Finalist 5 vs. Quarter-Finalist 6, 20:00


Tuesday, 9th July

  • Semi-Finalist 1 vs. Semi-Finalist 2, 20:00

Wednesday, 10th July

  • Semi-Finalist 3 vs. Semi-Finalist 4, 20:00


Sunday, 14th July

  • Semi-Final 1 Winner vs. Semi-Final 2 Winner, 20:00


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