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Meet the Team: Sam Coade

Up next is our sweet baby prince, Sam Coade one of the best new comedians in London!

This wacky son of a gun is in charge of our social media as well as being a regular MC for the night.

Sam Coade Best New Comedian London

Sam Coade is an award-winning act whose warm stage presence and unique comedic voice mark him out as a rising star of the comedy world.

He regularly performs at top comedy clubs across the UK, winning over crowds with his offbeat gags, whimsical stories, and impressively long limbs.

“One of the brightest gag writers to emerge in the last few years” - Laugh Train Home

"Sam is a great performer: original and very funny." - Dec Munro (co-founder: Bill Murray comedy club)

Favourite Joke: Why did the egg get arrested? The Cops didn't know what it was

Check out Sam's instagram profile here to catch his great content!

Want to check him out live? Buy tickets for Comedy in Your Eye on our main page here


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