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Comedian - Al Jarrett - Comedy in Your Eye

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Posh Comedian Al Jarrett Comedy Show Poster

Al Jarrett - the Posh guy off TikTok

Let's shine a spotlight on the fantastic Al Jarrett, a talented Stand Up Comedian and content creator based in London. With over 2,000 followers, Al has captivated his audience with his unique comedic style showcased in his 'Every Guy in...' series of videos. These videos are a whirlwind of witty remarks and observations from various recognizable characters.

One thing that stands out about Al is his ability to pack an incredible amount of jokes into these one-minute videos. It's a brilliant use of the TikTok format, and he keeps his fans engaged by creating regular themes and series to structure his content around. Some of his standout videos include 'That One Mate who Lives for Five-a-Side' and 'The Ten Stages of The Sesh,' where he hilariously captures the essence of different drinking characters we've all encountered.

Al's impressive impressions have garnered over 500,000 views in total, and we believe he's well on his way to achieving TikTok greatness. After all, TikTok greatness currently ranks as the 14th best form of greatness! If you want to see more of Al's fantastic content, be sure to follow him on the social media and go see him live at a comedy show!

Al is also making waves on the London Stand Up Comedy Circuit having recently reached the final of the Comedy Virgins Max Turner Prize, performing at some of the major London clubs including Backyard Comedy Club and Comedy in Your Eye and performing in BBC Radio 4's DM's are Open.

Posh Comedian Al Jarrett performing at Comedy in Your Eye Show in London

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