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Comedian - Spring Day - Comedy in Your Eye

Live at the Apollo Stand Up Comedian Spring Day Comedy Photo

Stand up Comedy straight outta Live at the Apollo, it's the brilliant comedian - Spring Day!

In the heart of London's bustling comedy scene, one name shines brightly – Spring Day!

With her magnetic personality and razor-sharp wit, Spring has carved out a niche for herself as one of the most dynamic stand-up comedians in the industry today. Her journey from humble beginnings to gracing the stage of BBC’s Live at the Apollo is nothing short of extraordinary, and it's time we delve into the brilliance that is Spring Day.

Spring's ascent to comedic stardom began far from the spotlight of London's comedy clubs. Fluent in Japanese and navigating life with mild cerebral palsy, she embarked on her comedic odyssey headlining at the Tokyo Comedy Store. It was here that she first showcased her fearless approach to comedy, winning over audiences with her unique blend of humour and authenticity.

Since her debut opening for Japanese comedian Zenjiro at the Melbourne Comedy Festival in 2004, she has taken her comedic talents worldwide.

Since 2010, Spring has written, produced, directed, and performed five solo shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Her performances have taken her to clubs across London, Manchester, Dublin, Los Angeles, New York, and Paris. She has been featured in the 2008 documentary "The Tokyo Comedy Store," the 450+ joke book "Joker Face," and the 2014 best-selling book "The Humor Code."

Spring's talent transcends the stage, as evidenced by her foray into television. From her memorable role in the BBC Three sitcom Jerk to her appearances on UKTV's Rosie Jones's Disability Extravaganza, she has captivated audiences with her comedic prowess and magnetic presence. As a writer, Spring has lent her creative genius to projects such as BBC’s Horrible Histories and Audible’s groundbreaking musical comedy, Crush Hour.

What sets Spring apart is not just her comedic chops but also her unwavering commitment to authenticity. Through her performances, she invites audiences to embrace the complexities of life and find humour in even the most challenging situations. With each joke, Spring offers a glimpse into her lived experiences, creating a connection that transcends laughter.

Despite her Summer of Love-inspired name, Spring's comedic perspective on life is sharp and insightful. She brings joy even when sharing darker tales of love and loss in Tokyo.

As Chris Wells, the owner of the Tokyo Comedy Store, notes, "Spring's gimlet-eyed perspective on life belies her Summer of Love name, but Tokyo’s most prolific comic can’t hide her underlying joy of life, even while recounting darker tales of love and loss in Tokyo."

Her performances have garnered high praise, with Three Weeks declaring her a "Definite Must See! ✭✭✭✭"

As Spring Day continues to captivate audiences worldwide, there's no doubt that her star will continue to rise. With her distinctive voice and fearless approach to comedy, she is paving the way for a new generation of comedic talent. So, the next time you find yourself in need of a good laugh, look no further than the brilliance of the comedian Spring Day – a true comedy phenomenon.

Live at the Apollo Comedian Spring Day performs live Stand Up Comedy at Comedy In Your Eye Comedy Club Camden Town

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