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Comedian - Chris Hall - Comedy in Your Eye

Updated: Feb 27

London Comedian Chris Hall Comedy Headshot

Comedy's Lip-syncing, backing singer, viral video comedian extraordinaire, it's Chris Hall!

During lockdown, Chris Hall discovered a new outlet for his creativity on Instagram and TikTok, where he started sharing a series of sketches. Fast forward three years, and he's amassed an impressive following, along with a collection of characters that have become internet sensations. Now, he's taken his comedy and charm to the stand-up circuit, spreading joy to audiences all over the country.

Chris found much of his online success by posting videos of him and his sister Elizabeth dancing and lip-syncing as imaginary backup singers for artists like Dolly Parton, LeAnn Rimes, and Faith Hill. It might sound unconventional but it's undeniably charming.

These videos capture the playful spirit of friendship, reminding us of the silly yet brilliant things we do to entertain ourselves. Sometimes, it's the randomness that makes it all the more enjoyable.

They have even received shout outs from the likes of Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Kylie Minogue, and Sabrina Carpenter, and have even done a collab with JoJo!

On stage, Chris humorously explores topics like procrastination, personal development, and the struggles of millennial life. He doesn't take himself too seriously, and that's part of his charm.

In 2022, Christopher made his debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, teaming up with Mark Bittlestone for a wildly successful run of Two Sour Gays that sold out repeatedly. The following year, he returned with a new show titled 'Self Helpless,' featuring special guests, downstairs at Just the Tonic at the Caves' Just Out of the Box venue.

The show dives into his battle with co-dependence and his quest for true wellness, peppered with hilarious anecdotes from his life, like dealing with a phone addiction and a therapist who couldn't handle his meme-sending tendencies.

Chris is all about spontaneity, jumping from topic to topic, sharing everything from awkward encounters to passionate opinions on movies. And his audience interaction is top-notch, with Chris effortlessly weaving audience responses into his jokes, making each performance unique and memorable.

Chris's background in theatre shines through in his energetic stage presence and relatable humour. His shows feel like hanging out with a witty friend who always has something hilarious to say.

And of course, Chris knows how to give the crowd what they want. At the end of his fringe show, he brings out his sister Elizabeth for a live performance of their viral routine, leaving the audience in stitches and ensuring they leave with smiles on their faces. Chris Hall is a hilarious comedian and a huge bright spark on the comedy circuit.

London Comedian Chris Hall performing at Comedy in Your Eye Camden Town

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