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Comedian - Freya Mallard - Comedy in Your Eye

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

London Comedian Freya Mallard Comedy Headshot

Freya Mallard - The Golden Duck of Stand Up and Sketch Comedy

Freya Mallard is one of the rising stars to emerge from the vibrant comedy scene in London. With her unique style and undeniable talent, Freya has quickly made a name for herself and is definitely someone you need to keep an eye on.

Already turning heads, Freya was a finalist in the esteemed Chortle's Student comedy competition, showcasing her comedic brilliance and earning recognition from industry professionals. This early success is a testament to her natural comedic talent and the promise of an exciting career ahead.

Freya Mallard is not only making waves on the comedy circuit, but she's also a regular performer at all the prestigious London comedy clubs and as well as comedy shows across the country. Her ability to captivate audiences and deliver hilarious performances has made her a sought-after act in the comedy world.

What sets Freya apart is her fresh and unique voice in stand-up comedy. With a delightful blend of erratic anxiety and unadvised optimism, she brings a refreshing perspective to the stage. Her comedy touches on topics like feminism, dating, and her sometimes dysfunctional relationships with just about everyone. It's silly, fun, and slightly absurd, creating a truly enjoyable experience for her audience. Young women of today, in particular, will find her uplifting and relatable, making her an empowering and hilarious voice in comedy.

But Freya's talent doesn't stop at stand-up. She also collaborates with Davina Bentley to create hilarious sketches, including the popular Binks and Hebrides Whine Time series. In these sketches, two posh girls navigate their way through life while hosting a podcast. The result is a comedic gem that will have you laughing out loud.

Comedian Freya Mallard performing at Comedy in Your Eye Show in London

Freya Mallard is a comedy powerhouse, bringing laughter and joy to audiences wherever she performs. With her natural wit, infectious energy, and insightful observations, she's carving out her place in the comedy world and leaving a trail of laughter in her wake. So make sure to catch one of her shows or check out her hilarious sketches—trust me, you won't want to miss the chance to experience Freya's comedic brilliance firsthand!

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