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Comedian - Leah Lamarr - Comedy in Your Eye

American Comedian Leah Lamarr Stand Up Comedy Headshot

It's the Queen of Clubhouse known for her dark comedy, It's the brilliant comedian, Leah Lamarr

Leah Lamarr hails from the vibrant streets of Queens, New York – the birthplace of countless legends, including this rising star! She's not just your average comedian; Leah is blazing a trail as one of the fastest-rising talents in stand-up comedy and beyond.

Leah's not just confined to one stage; she's a globetrotting comedian, actor, writer, host, podcaster, producer, and all-around icon. In 2020, she skyrocketed to fame, earning the title "the Queen of Clubhouse" from none other than Joe Rogan himself on the JRE Podcast.

TIME Magazine's Web3 Division even crowned her Entertainer of the Year! With over 800,000 followers cheering her on across social media, Leah's blend of comedy, tech-savvy, and artistic passion has made her a shining star in the entertainment world.

After conquering Clubhouse, Leah took her talents to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and wowed audiences with her sold-out shows at the New York Comedy Festival. But she's not just a hit stateside – Leah's international appeal has taken her to major comedy clubs in London, Barcelona, and even the Dubai Comedy Festival!

Sharing the stage with comedy heavyweights like Dane Cook and Russell Peters, Leah's star power continues to soar. She's headlining her own dates now and even shot a stand-up special for LMAOF TV. But wait, there's more – Leah's not just a comedic force; she's a versatile host too! You might have caught her on E!'s "What the Fashion" or Roku's "America's Funniest Home Videos". And let's not forget her podcasting prowess – co-hosting iHeart's "Real-Time Crime" podcast is just one of her many talents.

Leah's on-screen appearances are just as impressive. From HBO's LaffTracks to CBS's Code Black, she's graced our screens with her infectious energy and quick wit. And have you seen her in action on Comedy Central's Not Safe with Nikki Glaser or ABC's How to Get Away with Murder? Leah's versatility knows no bounds.

And if you thought that was all, think again! Leah recently starred in a Verizon campaign, showcasing her comedic chops as the rising star she is. Plus, catch her co-hosting season 2 of Internet Game and bringing the laughs to The Chosen Comedy Festival.

With features in Forbes, Entertainment Tonight, and many more, Leah Lamarr, as a comedian, continues to rise and we can't wait to see where her comedy journey takes her next!

American Comedian Leah Lamarr performing Live Stand Up Comedy at Comedy in Your Eye Comedy Club in Camden Town

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