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Britain's Got Talent Hi-Vis Vest Comedian Viggo Venn who won BGT 2023

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

High Vis Vest Viggo Venn Britain's Got Talent Winner 2023

Viggo Venn's dream was to become a British comedian and he did just that when he was crowned winner of Britain's Got Talent 2023!

Vigo Venn underwent rigorous training at the esteemed École Philippe Gaulier, a renowned French clown school where he had the privilege of studying under the guidance of the esteemed master-clown Philippe Gaulier.

Following his training, Venn embarked on a four-year tour alongside American comedian Zach Zucker, forming the dynamic duo known as "Zach and Viggo." Their outstanding comedic talents were recognized when they were awarded the Best Comedy prize at the 2016 Brighton Fringe for their remarkable show, "Zach and Viggo: Thunderflop."

The following year, "Thunderflop" secured the Weekly award for Best Comedy at the Adelaide Fringe, solidifying their reputation as comedic powerhouses. Viggo also earned a nomination for the Best Comedy award at the Brighton Fringe for his solo performance titled "The Life of Pepito."

In 2018, Venn's solo show, "The Life of Pepito," garnered further acclaim as it received a nomination for the prestigious Best Comedy award at the Perth Fringe World.

The year 2022 brought Venn significant recognition as he triumphed in the highly regarded NATYS: New Acts of the Year Show held in London. Additionally, he achieved the honourable runner-up position in the renowned "New Comedian of the Year" competition at Leicester Square Theatre.

In 2023, Viggo took a leap of faith by auditioning for the sixteenth series of the esteemed television show Britain's Got Talent. His act incorporated humorous skits, showcasing his unique talent while donning high-vis jackets.

Venn's exceptional performances captivated the audience and judges alike, ultimately leading him to be crowned the winner of the series on June 4th, 2023. As a result of his triumph, he was awarded a substantial £250,000 prize and bestowed the esteemed opportunity to perform at the illustrious Royal Albert Hall for the Royal Variety Performance.

Venn's journey has been a testament to his unwavering dedication and exceptional comedic prowess, earning him widespread acclaim and solidifying his position as a revered figure in the world of comedy.

Want to see more of the High-Vis Vested Norwegian Clown? Why not watch a rare performance of Viggo performing at Comedy in Your Eye?

Viggo Venn Britain's Got Talent Winner 2023

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