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Comedian - Elliot Steel - Comedy in Your Eye

Updated: Jan 17

Elliot Steel Comedian

Elliot Steel, the Comedy Prodigy

Elliot Steel is an incredible comedian who, despite his young age, is already a seasoned veteran of the British comedy circuit. Believe it or not, he started his comedy journey at the tender age of sixteen and has been blowing audiences away ever since. Critics and fans alike have been captivated by his dark yet intelligent style, making him a true voice for those in their mid-twenties.

The Independent has marked Elliot as one to watch, and it's no wonder. His talent has garnered critical acclaim, particularly at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where his show "Merked" impressed audiences in 2019. In 2023, Elliot will be taking his show, Love and Hate Speech, to the Edinburgh Fringe.

You may have already caught glimpses of Elliot on Comedy Central's Roast Battle and Comedy Central at the Comedy Store, where he has showcased his comedic prowess. His unique voice has also been heard on BBC Radio 1's Comedy Lounge and BBC Radio 4. In fact, Elliot's debut show was even nominated for Best Debut Show at the Leicester Comedy Festival back in 2015.

Elliot's passion for stand-up started at a young age, and he has since taken the stage at esteemed events like Latitude and Reading Festivals in 2013. His talent has graced the stages of renowned comedy clubs such as the Comedy Store in London, Hot Water Comedy Club, and Top Secret Comedy Club, to name just a few. He's truly made a name for himself.

If you tune in to BBC Radio 4, you might have even heard Elliot lending his voice to the character Ashley on the program "Unite," a project he co-wrote with his father, the esteemed comedian Mark Steel, along with Ivo Graham and Barry Castagnola.

Elliot Steel is a rising star in the comedy world, and it's clear that his talent knows no bounds and with his unique style and impressive accomplishments at such a young age, he's definitely someone you should keep an eye on. So, be sure to catch Elliot's performances and stay tuned for what he has in store next!

Elliot Steel Comedian performing at Comedy in Your Eye

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