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Meet the Team: Fabrice Rango

Updated: May 15

Time to meet Mr. Camden Town, the MC extraordinaire it's Fabrice Rango!

Prepare to be blown away by Fabrice Rango, the multilingual maverick of comedy! This London-based comic effortlessly delivers laughs in English, French, and Portuguese, captivating audiences from all walks of life.

Best New Comedian FB performing at the Comedy in your Eye Show in London

With a knack for reading the room and a lightning-fast wit, Fabrice seamlessly weaves hilarious interactions with the crowd into his performances, leaving everyone in stitches.

But that's not all – Fabrice's arsenal is packed with a treasure trove of original bits that defy convention and push the boundaries of comedy. From the bustling streets of Barcelona to the romantic avenues of Paris and the vibrant stages of Lisbon, FB's favourite cities to perform in, this comedian brings the lols and his goofball energy wherever he goes.

Favourite Joke: I don’t want fancy things. I don’t want fancy, smancy things. I don’t even want fancy, smancy, wancy things. Or fancy, smancy, wancy take a trip to France-y things. What I want is wasting your time and mine. - Norm Macdonald

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